Teaching Cards

The teaching cards – up-to-date and bearing an Imprimatur. The many ways of using such a teaching tool are shown on a card. The quickest way we know to instill faith and practice – the Know Your Catholic Faith teaching cards.

Offering 2 sets of cards –

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In teaching Religion, students learn quickly and test well, usually making good grades. However, during subsequent chapters, they sometimes cannot remember material successfully answered on previous test.


Retention – We forget what we don’t frequently use.

What to do?


At the beginning or end of class, use the Know Your Catholic Faith Teaching Cards for a quick review. Quick! Holds attention!

Systematic Review

At the beginning of class, as a starter or sponge activity, the Know Your Catholic Faith concept cards are reviewed; a few each day. Teacher reads definition on reverse side of card while showing illustration on front. Students are asked for the topic illustration represents. When students learn topics well, teacher can ask for both topic shown on card and a brief definition. They love the quick pace and competition – being first to answer.


At the end of class, do the same review. This is great after regular work has been completed; those precious moments are turned productive! The cards are an excellent filler activity.

Place the card just used at the bottom and start next time with the one on top, a simple system that works because students remember more when they say, hear and see the image.

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Like the geography or spelling bee, this is fast paced! Students love the competition. Repetition (in a fun way) builds memory and reinforces learning!

When students are familiar with the information on the cards, have a Religion Bee. Like the Spelling Bee, students compete to give the answer. Boys vs. girls, one side of the room vs. the other; any combination works. Present the definition and ask the students for the topic defined. Show the illustration and students say the topic. For greater difficulty, state the topic and ask for the definition. (The Additional Information section on the card can be used with older students and adults.)


Not every “win” deserves a prize. Students need to learn that important life lesson. But often parishioners and others will donate prizes which can heighten the competitive action. Long after, when school fades into personal history, trivial activities like this may have found a permanent place in the mind.


  • Why not set up a classroom center with the Know Your Catholic Faith cards? When students finish their work, they can review the cards and quiz each other.
  • The cards work as an excellent runner with the Religion text. They are a superb way to prepare for standardized Religion tests.
  • Know Your Catholic Faith concept cards find good use in RCIA, ERE and Sunday religion classes. When an illustration is needed, the cards readily provide one.


  • Friendly, competitive way of engaging students, stimulating memory, re-teaching, prepping for material yet to come
  • Systematic, quick, painless way of review
  • Comprehensive preparation for national religion tests
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Ready-made classroom learning center
  • Fun for student-to-student tutoring