confirmation-2The enormous amount American children have learned from sports and games cannot be overlooked in teaching Religion. The new game from Know Your Catholic Faith moves ahead on this basis of success.

Know Your Catholic Faith
GAME does not, by itself, cure our Religious education problem; but, if arousing interest, is a step ahead. Then we are on the way by this single avenue.

An excellent way to learn the Faith and grasp the culture of the Church!

TIME: always the elephant looking over your shoulder. Saving minutes is the reality – but lay pebbles under the concrete – for solid road.

Instill Faith and practice!


logo gamehas helped others; why not you?

Comprehensive is not just a word 


A world of fewer schools and nuns has thrust

paschal candleFaith teaching on parents. Home school and Religious education have offered great help. If the Faith is to go on – as it can and must – great innovations have a way of popping up. One of them is Know Your Catholic Faith GAME. Time and expense are added reasons the cards make sense.


What If….

Can you ever accept the world’s values? We might if we don’t know the Faith. The highest stole-2humanity, the greatest happiness we find in listening to the Word, living its teachings.

The cards are not to sell you on the Catholic Faith, but to help you learn it, or teach it quickly and well.