Who benefits?cathechesis 2

– Elementary & High School Students (Excellent supplement to the textbook)

– Adult Education Classes

   (Senior Groups will enjoy the Know Your Catholic Faith GAME)

– Evening and Weekend Classes

– Bible School Students


– Home School Students

– And what a great way to recall, build and retain memory and have a good

   time for assisted living and nursing home residents

– Adult Parish get-together



  • Parish Religious Education programs (with evening and weekend time short, doesn’t a game come in handy?)
  • Faith Formation
  • Adult Education
  • Teacher Training/In-service Workshops
  • Parish Sacramental Preparation


  • Families will find the game an engaging way to teach their children about the Faith
  • Parents and grandparents have an opportunity to learn what they may not know
  • Children are helped with their classroom religion instruction
  • The game is a great aid for students not attending Catholic schools

The material has received an Imprimatur and is true to the Catholic Church.

The game is simple, yet engaging and adaptable. Subject matter is intensely absorbed. (It works!)


  • Systematic, quick way for start/end of class review
  • Comprehensive preparation for the ACRE
    (Assessment of Children/Youth Religion Education)
  • Supplemental resource for sacramental preparation
  • Comprehensive/convenient list of topics for student reports
  • Excellent resource for teaching daily Religion class, CCD and RCIA programs
  • Effective for teaching children, youth and adults
  • Great help for both visual and auditory learners
  • Practical guide to help parents teach their children
  • Optimal resource for adults to learn more about the Faith
  • Excellent topics for a “Religion Bee” (like the spelling bee), competitive, fun
  • Appropriate adjunct to the religion textbook
  • Fun for student-to-student tutoring
  • Ready-made classroom learning center
  • Aids memory retention, re-teaches/reviews, preps for learning yet to come
  • Great game, when combined with the Know Your Catholic Faith Game cards


  • Concise definitions
  • Visual
  • Readily at-hand
  • Bright, colorful illustrations
  • True to teachings of the Catholic Church